True Blood

Let's Boot n Rally

Jessica spotting the newly turned vampire, Tara.

Wow, how fast did that hour fly by?! Very quickly seeing as True Blood cheated us another 10 minutes. And we JUST found Russel too! Not cool True Blood, not cool. We pick up where we left off last Sunday, with Sookie and Alcide basically having sex but with clothes on. If only Sookie wasn’t drunk, Alcide wouldn’t have to wait (again) to have Sookie in bed. She ended up puking on his shoes as they were close to actual intercourse. And if that didn’t make things worse, Bill and Eric were by the door. “Alcide, you sure know how to treat a lady.” Eric always has the wittiest comments. Like every drop in, the vampire duo greets Sookie with some pretty bad news: Russel is on the loose and will be after her once he re-cooperates. After a few barks and complaints, the “Scooby Gang” set forth to find Russel! But first they had to stop and pick up Alcide’s boss, Doug. Sookie probed his brain for clues as to who dug up Russel. As most viewers guessed correctly, we were influenced to believe Nora was the one taking Russel into hiding.

The gang showed up at an abandoned hospital, but not before Bill and Eric were informed that their iStakes had been activated to go off at dawn if Russel was not found by then. The gang explored every room and corridor to find Russel. Bumping into dead bodies seemed to phase no one except the only normal person there, Doug. Although he was whimpering like a scared child every three seconds, you still felt bad for him. Once the group discovered a bunch of hooked bodies waiting to be fed to Russel, Doug told the foursome he’d stay behind while they ventured down the hallway. With the dramatic voice over and music playing, the gang walked in on a weak Russel lying in a hospital bed. Just as Eric gave his last words to Russel, “We came to finish what we started.” Russel fired back with: “Give it your best shot.” And then BAM! Alcide dropped to the floor. We’ll have to wait til next week to found out what happened but I’m sure Alcide will be fine. Main characters never seem to die on this show..

With the other (non)related storylines, Tara seems to have found her calling: Becoming a vampire bartender. She had a nice scene where she didn’t whine for once! Jessica and Tara seemed to bond over the fact that being a vampire is simply, awesome! It was really refreshing to see Tara happy. But (there’s always that “but”) Hoyt ran into Tara as she was smoking a cigarette with her new vampire abilities. Hoyt wanted Tara to feed from her, and she did. As Jessica was feeding on a girl in one bathroom stall, Tara was in the next feeding off of Hoyt. Jessica did not take too kindly to this and started an awesome vampire girl-fight. Back in Bon Temps, Lafayette was dealing with being an evil brujo. He woke up to find the head of his ex-boyfriend on his coffee table. Jesus had his mouth sewn together and was mumbling something. Just as that scene ended, Ruby Jean saw the same thing on her nightstand. Her reaction to Jesus was hilarious. It was just so random and unexpected that it made me laugh-out-loud.

Sam’s story finally got interesting with his two fellow shifters who were found shot while eating dinner. Andy and Jason showed up to the scene after a wild night with no recollection of returning home after being “blasted” by those faeries. Sam assumed this was a hate crime by someone who had a vendetta against supernaturals. After giving Andy his statement, he went off to give Luna some bad news. Sam showed up at Luna’s door to tell her about the death of their two friends. Sam warned Luna to be careful and he would check up on her in the morning (quick foreshadow). As Sam was leaving, a few guys in a truck shot Sam in the gut. Seconds later, Luna came out and was shot in the gut and arm. Emma came out to see what happened and narrowly escaped death by shifting(?) into a wolf. The shooters took off and last we saw, Luna presumably died and Sam was still breathing.

Elsewhere in the land of “Pointless Plots”, Terry and Patrick were held hostage by Eller, whose supposedly lighting houses on fire. He informed the two about an “Ifrit”. Eller thinks this Ifrit is following him and his army buddies because of the terrible deed they did to a group of innocents back in Iraq. Terry related to his crazy army buddy ,then Eller freed Terry and Patrick only to be captured himself. Terry climbed out of the hiding place followed by Patrick, who left the crazy guy in the cellar. We last saw Eller attacked by the Ifrit which engulfed fire over his face.

SO. With all that’s happening, it seems like nothing has happened. I hope Terry’s storyline wraps up really soon. I’m getting very impatient because I’m processing his screen time as “free time”. I love that Russel is back and cannot wait to see what antics he has up his sleeve. I’m hoping the show is going to pick up the pace in the next episode. Excuse my tardiness for writing this recap late! I’ll be on time for next week’s. Until then, folks!

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