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***This is NOT a recap***

Last night, fans everywhere said goodbye to a beloved (to some, a hated) Hamptonite. The momentum building up to Faux-Amanda’s death was slow-paced, but thrilling nontheless. I’m here to discuss the pros and cons of this main character’s death, and who I thought SHOULD have gotten the proverbial axe.

I’ll start off with the positive reasons of why it was essential for Death to visit our dramatic cast once again. Amanda Clarke (a.k.a. Emily Thorne), sold her soul the minute she betrayed her “juvie-sister” and blackmailed Conrad Grayson. In no way should any character survive when toying with the most powerful family in New York. Amanda is brave though, she did anything to protect Jack and Baby Carl. Why she never went to Emily in the first place (Her reasoning: “Jack wanted it to stay between the family“. But Amanda still went against that, so she could’ve done it earlier…Ok) is beyond ridiculous. Either way, newly-wed Mrs. Porter was on a mission to see through that her family would stay out of harm’s way. And it was about damn time that a MAJOR character bit the dust. Mike Kelley, the creator, promised and teased an upcoming “emotional” death; but let’s be honest, how many of us really thought this guy had the balls to kill of a main cast member? No one? Thought so. Amanda’s death will hopefully focus Emily’s attention on backstabbing and manipulating everyone in the Hamptons, as she so gracefully did back in the good ‘ole days of season one. I don’t know about you, but I felt like the writers definitely rushed this episode. Yes, I understand they had to save a good ten minutes for Amanda’s death to sink in (Pun intended? DUH! Hehehe), but I was just not emotionally invested into this episode. It was great, don’t get me wrong, but this episode could’ve been a littttttle more realistic. Again, hats off to the Revenge team for allowing Death to take a main.

Now time for the problems of this “permanent” death (Explanation for the Quotes: Like I stated earlier, this show tends to steer away from killing off main characters; yes I am still upset at last season finale’s “major” death. Lydia’s demise was not an emotional death as Mike Kelley stated it would be for fans. That being said, I will not fully believe this death until I see for myself that Amanda is six-feet under in a black casket. End of Explanation for the Quotes). Amanda was beginning to redeem herself this season by actually acting like a normal human being. I guess her maternal instincts got the best of her? Personally, I think Jack should have died. PLEASE hear me out before you sharpen your pitchforks and knives. Jack dying would’ve set Emily over the edge, and thus leading her to step her game up in regards of getting payback on the Graysons. After all, Conrad is partially responsible for Amanda’s end; the guy basically instigated Nate’s quest for taking back The Stowaway. Back to what I was saying, Jack dying could have started this whole “revenge” game over. Emily would be out for blood, no more revealing secrets and infidelities. And to anyone who thinks Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Jack (Nick Wechsler) have the tiniest bit of chemistry, are declared mentally insane. Kidding. All jokes aside, Emily and Jack have lost that “spark” they once shared in season one. As a result, most (from what I’ve seen on comment boards) fans don’t really care for Jack and Emily anymore. The latest “shipping” movement has been for Aiden and Emily. I, for one, stamp this relationship: APPROVED.

So there you have it folks. You’ve successfully endured my whining from last night’s gamechanger. Cheers to a better latter-half of season two!

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