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1) Homeland
Homeland is by far the BEST show of 2012. Not only does this hit series blend reality with unexpected twists, but it allows viewers to stretch their imaginations to think the impossible and still be surprised with the outcome. The writing on this show is beyond phenomenal and deserves the same, if not more, attention that it received from critics last season. While the season finale nears, fans everywhere are busy trying to piece together the conclusion while investigating who the mole at Langley could be.


2) The Walking Dead
As a fan who just got into this incredible show, I believe The Walking Dead may be the best series of all time. I have never seen a show that weaves everything so smoothly together while complicating almost every storyline with little hesitation. Characters on this show don’t seem to make it out alive during most of these intense-filled episodes, but that’s why this show is such a success. The Walking Dead is not afraid to kill off anyone, and that is an understatement to say the least.


3) Game of Thrones
For a show that relies so heavily on its source material, Game of Thrones still manages to shock viewers everywhere. A lot of fans that are already aware of what’s to come on this show are still surprised by how daring this series can be. The way the writers pace the show is fascinating. GoT can have a full episode of two characters talking, and it will STILL have fans buzzing for more. Season 3 may be a couple more months away, but it’s a wait that is definitely worth it!


4) Revenge
If anyone knows me well, they can tell you that Revenge is a definite favorite of mine. I think the idea of exacting revenge on someone is evil, yet so delicious. Revenge has got a lot of flack from steering away from what made the show so amazing. In the show’s defense, Mike Kelly (the creator) cannot continue the whole “they killed my father/destroyed my life” retribution that the protagonist, Emily Throne, seeks against the devilish Grayson family. Mike Kelly has done what is necessary to make this series a hit again: dark twists! This show took a giant leap in the right direction with their winter finale, and I am counting down the days until January!

TrueBlood_S5 Tease_Inserts.indd

5) True Blood
True Blood has been a favorite show of mine since I got into it back in 2009. The only way to sum up this show’s addictiveness, is that it’s a FUN show. Of course you have to watch it with an open-mind, but True Blood is just plain out awesome. Granted, the show can take an annoying turn down “Pointless Plots” but the writers are good about blending it back in with the main storyline. I will forever love this show, and this past season had a crazy finale that I’m looking forward to seeing the aftermath of next year.

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