I know some people are outraged at the idea of a reboot to a trilogy that happened just ten years ago. But after seeing ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, I actually enjoyed it.. Strange, huh? I told myself it was going to be stupid and a total waste of money. But boy did I eat my words. This movie was GOOD. Let’s dive in.

Peter Parker is a character I think every high schooler likes to relate to. He’s not very popular, he has a traumatic past, and well..he’s dorky. Now, most of you have seen the (Yes, I am going to refer to ‘Spider-Man’ as this) “Original”. You know what happened to his Uncle, you know how he was bitten, etc. In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, they did a fresh take on the same beginning: There was a REASON Peter Parker was left with his Aunt & Uncle. I suppose Peter’s father was in too deep with his fellow colleague, Dr. Curt Connors. Peter stumbles upon this briefcase left by his father, which contains important equations to a scientific experiment Dr. Curt Connors has recently been working on. When Dr. Connors and Peter meet via Gwen Stacy (wonderful choice in casting by the way), you could feel the danger by the look they first give each other. Everything starts to get hectic after Peter’s bite and Connor’s wish to regrow his right arm like a lizard would a tail.

With Gwen Stacy’s father on the lookout for the vigilante, Spider-Man, and “The Lizard” reeking havoc on Manhattan, it’s up to Peter Parker to save the day! The movie is good after about an hour into it. You bore yourself with the same beginning you’ve seen a hundred times, but with a better actor (sorry, Tobey!) who actually WANTS to save the city and those closest to him. The movie works well with the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Those two are a match made in Heaven. Rhys Ifans does a wonderful portrayal of the eerie, Curt Connors. The CGI and special effects were good when it wasn’t blended in with reality. The action sequences lacked..well, action. Don’t let that steer you away from the film. ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ is a great movie and it’s fun to watch. With Manhattan lizards crawling all over the place and a non-confusing web slinger, you got yourself a movie worth watching.

8/10 B-

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