True Blood ‘Hopeless’

Well, tonight’s game-changing episode of True Blood certainly delivered! I wasn’t expecting such an intense hour, especially with the shocking death of Roman during the episode’s final moments. ‘Hopeless’ starts where we last left off, with Alcide being dragged away by a werewolf (We learn later that the wolf is JD). Sookie runs after him and Bill follows, but he and Eric are ambushed by two werewolves. With no one watching Sookie, Russel rushes over to corner her. Sookie uses her powers to fend off Edgington, but the Authority “SWAT” team shows up to take Russel in. Bill and Eric are given orders to glamour the two “humans” that were present during the capture. We all know Sookie cannot be glamoured, but Eric successfully erases Alcide’s memory of this night (I was confused because I was under the impression all supernaturals could not be glamoured). Bill pretends to glamour Sookie but with a message: she needed to forget about Bill & Eric so she can live life like a normal human. Bill’s “glamour speech” was basically his goodbye to Sookie incase he and Eric met the “True Death”.

Alcide was confused more than ever while driving Sookie home. Bill and Eric had been taken back to the Authority’s headquarters with the hopes that their lives would be spared for bringing in Russel alive. Alcide woke up in Sookie’s bed the next morning with the thought that he and her finally had sex. He unfortunately found out that the two did not hook-up. Sookie had a horrible hangover and helped him remember the previous night’s events. Alcide was not too pleased at Bill and Eric once he truly remembered everything. He recalled fighting off JD (the new master of the Shreveport pack) and left in a temper. Sookie showed up at work gossiping with her co-workers about how much trouble men cause. Jason made a surprise visit and informed Sookie what Hadley told him about their parents, who supposedly died from the hands of a vampire. The siblings drove over to visit the field where the faery night club was located. It took them a while to find the entrance but they successfully entered it. Sookie confronted Hadley about the death of her parents and is introduced to Claude, who is the brother of Claudine. When Claude begins to explain the story of how Sookie’s parents were killed, Sookie doesn’t believe him and tries to use her “microwave fingers” to shut him up. But her powers were not working, so Sookie was attacked by other faeries in the night club.

Bill and Eric were welcomed by the other Authority members for bringing Russel in and they celebrated their victory. Salome told the duo that Russel was silvered and being interrogated for clues about the other Sanguinistas. Roman came in and told everyone that Russel would be executed tonight. Eric asked to speak to Nora, but spilled the beans about her being his sister in the process. Roman gave Eric permission so he set off to find Nora. Nora did not acknowldge him at first but Salome passed by with news of the execution that night. Russel, wearing an iStake, is brought in and back talks Roman by insulting Lilith. Just as Roman activates Russel’s iStake, it malfunctions somehow (I’m guessing Salome must’ve tampered with it) and Russel takes the opportunity to stake Roman. We didn’t exactly see Roman drop to the floor as guts and blood, but his face did kind of “melt” and turn gooey. Plus, there was blood splattered all over Russel’s face so I’m guessing Roman met his end. It’s weird too, I figured Meloni’s character would’ve been around on True Blood a little longer, but it was a welcomed surprise.

Rewinding back a little bit, Tara and Jessica were still fighting. Although the fight was stopped short, it seemed that Tara won the brawl. Pam had dragged her back into the office and gave her the whole “don’t do that again/you were pretty awesome” spiel. Jessica sulked in a booth and was soon accompanied by Hoyt, who still thinks Jessica loves him. Sorry Hoyt, but even Jessica is sick of you and your boring storyline. Jess lays down the truth for the lost boy and leaves. Sam and Luna were taken to a hospital to recover that night’s injuries. Emma (she found her way to her Grandmother’s in wolf form) enters her mother’s room, followed by her grandmother. Luna gives Martha permission to watch over Emma due to the lingering supe-killers that were prowling about. Sam is confronted by Andy for a statement about what happened. Sam wants to help find who shot him but it takes awhile for Andy to agree. They visit the vampire-hating store and find out that the clerk, Junior, is selling wooden bullets with silver core. Realizing he might get arrested, Junior pulls out a gun to shoot Andy but Sam is too quick, and kills the store clerk with a crossbow. Sorry if it sounds like I rushed all of that. I’m just so bored with the action that’s NOT happening with those plots.

Transitioning into another boring plot, Lafayette visited his mother, who informs him that Jesus needs help. Lafayette agrees with Ruby Jean that he needs to confront Jesus’s grandfather. Terry and Patrick head back to Bon Temps, and Terry warns Arlene that he cannot be with her anymore. Arlene will die if she sticks around with Terry, but she thinks Terry has gone off his meds (which I hope is the case and he just imagined all this “Ifrit” crap. Case solved!). Arlene kept on insisting Terry to seek a rehab center. But Terry tells her he needs to leave, and he does.

I really liked this episode and probably would’ve loved it more if I didn’t have to endure Terry’s storyline. I’m sorry, but I just can’t find any interest in his character. He needs to go back to his season 1 roots: BEING CRAZY AND WEIRD WHILE COOKING FOOD. Oh well, I love the show and always will. I kind of hope Roman is saved before meeting the “True Death”. It’d be sad to introduce such a great actor and then kill him six episodes in. I can’t wait til next week! I love where the faerie story is going. Will Russel escape and reveal who released him? Is Lilith real and will Nora just die already? And are we going to find out the truth about Sookie and Jason’s parents? We’ll have to wait til Sunday to find out! SEE YOU TRUEBIES THEN!

  1. CS said:

    You need an editor. Nice recap though

    • Thank you, and I apologize for any grammatical error. I will work on that.

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